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Lesson 5: Affirming, negating and evading

bullukuku riman ‘the bullukuku speaks’


hista 'fiestas'

lomo chagra ‘manioc garden

Written Exercise

Study the photograph above, taken from a traditional festival or hista that took place in Puka Yaku, a small settlement along the Bobonaza River. Using what you have learned in Lessons 4 and 5, answer the following questions based on what you think is happening in the photograph. Some questions will need to be answered by supplying information. Others will be answered as affirmations using –mi or negations using -chu. There may also be unanswerable questions.

1.Imata rikungi?

2.Imata ranawn warmiguna?

3. Wawagunaga? Imata ranawn?

4.Warmiguna puñunawnchu?

5. Wawaguna istudianawnchu?

6.Pita chari upichinawn, warmiguna?

7.Imata charinawn warmiguna?

8.Upingichu aswata?

9.Kamba yaya aswatachu upin?

10.Kamba mama mukahata awanchu?

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