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Lesson 6: Articulating the perspectives of self and other

Ton ton ton ton ton-shi waktan.

‘It hit (the trees), (apparently going) ton ton ton ton ton.’

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Culture Focus: Forest resources: cacao


Theobroma cacao, Quichua cacao

Eulodia Dagua tells the story of how the spirit of a wild cacao tree killed a man who wanted to steal its fruit. To keep this from happening the old people used to chop down the tree before harvesting its fruit. This killed the tree spirit that might avenge the taking of its fruit.

kambi ruya kwinto ‘cacao tree story’

Culture Focus: Forest Resources: bitter trees

bitter trees1.png
2bitter trees1.png

Cespedesia spathulata (Ochnaceae); Quichua: amarun kaspi female tree (left) and male tree (right) photos by Tod Swanson

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