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Lesson 8: Expressing thoughts, feelings, processes, and enumeration


ashanga aparina  ‘to carry a basket’ photo by Janis Nuckolls


wituk awirina ‘to paint with wituk’

genipa americana.png

Genipa Americana; Quichua: wituk  

toucan feather.png

Shuar Toucan Feather earrings, circa 1965, dyed with manduru photo by Tod Swanson

manduru warmi.png

Manduru Warmi/Bixis Orellana Woman (left) paints the Amazonian red squirrel with her red fruit. Wituk Warmi/ Genipa Woman (right) painting the toucan black with wituk.   

By Estela Dagua, Andes and Amazon Field School, Artists Workshop 2009. Photo by Tod Swanson

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