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Strongly rooted in day-to-day Quichua cultural experiences, this innovative and highly practical course book provides many insights into the language spoken in the upper Amazon in Ecuador. In its organization it strikes the right balance netween grammatical overwies and cultural practices. It's your best entry into Quichua language-culture and a book that makes you want to learn.

Pieter Muysken, Radboud University

In Amazonian Quichua Language and Life: Introduction to Grammar , Ecology, and Discourse from Pastaza and Upper Napo, Ecudaor, Janis B. Nuckolls and Tod D. Swanson discuss two varieties of Quichua, an indigenous Ecuadorian language. Drawin on their linguistic and anthropolical knowledge, extensive fieldwork, and personal relationships with generations of speakers from Pastaza and Napo communities

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